Ceypa Tekstil has been in the company since 2013 and exports men's, women's and children's shirts to distinguished customers around the world with collections according to customer demands, as well as their own unique collections.

In our sector, especially "high quality workmanship" and "product delivery with our quality" purchasing process.

Our company structure as of serious buyers in Turkey is a company travels they had suffered particularly. In addition, our steps have started to increase sales capacity and customer portfolio by attending international fairs.

 As Ceypa Tekstil, we can offer very successful solutions not only in product manufacturing but also in fabric. We are in dialogue with local fabric manufacturers and fabric suppliers in Europe, and we serve our customers with the best quality up-to-date fabrics.

Our goal is to be a solution partner because it works together. With this progress, customer demands are met by showing high speed.

In order to provide a faster service, we have started to obtain a fully equipped model within our own structure.

Nowadays, we have taken the first steps to launch online sales, which is a great need, and provide exclusive browser online services in wholesale and retail.


Ceypa Tekstil's mission is to be present in the future of the World Ready-to-Wear Sector by offering products and services that best suit the needs and expectations of its customers around the world; To be an indispensable manufacturer with quality products that will differentiate our customers with the importance we attach to detail, creative solutions and a corporate structure while aiming to provide products and services at global quality standards….




The World Ready-to-Wear Industry is reliable and sustainable. As one of the leading quality-oriented manufacturers, to expand the network of countries we export to.

 To maximize our country, sector and export targets.